Songs from the Cave 12"

Parisian quintet's fantastic debut EP, out March/April 2017.

Dusted & Social: December 2, 2016 (video embedded)

"En Attendant Ana: Live in Paris, February 2016

Blogged about these Parisians the other day, but I just eased my way through this whole 30 minute live set from Paris on Youtube and was left more impressed with their prospects by the end of it.

Good camera quality/sound/audience/performance. Also: HORNS. You could call them indie-pop, sure. But they also have this palpable quality that reminds me of the best early 80s independent punkwave/budget pop ó more UK than US, but you could scour collectorscum.com and find something similar in spirit.

They also sprinkle in a few riffs in this performance that put Sheer Mag to shame and make Coneheads look like one-trick amateurs.

A band to watch for in 2017! Wait, am I SPIN Magazine? Just get acquainted with En Attendant Ana, enjoy their music, donít make fuss. Everything will work itself out."